Friday, 8 March 2013

Beau and I

This is Beau and I. He likes bmx, BBQ grillers, snakes (not the real snakes the lolly snake). Also he likes rugby and cricket. We both like pizza, minecraft, rugby and basketball. I like sleeping, chocolate fish, soccer and more. So have a look at all the things we like.


  1. Good job, Zach.

    I can see some things that are the same and some things that are different between you and Beau. It is a clear venn diagram.

  2. I like you're Venn Diagram and told us what your favorite food is, I like Pizza too!Great work Zach.

  3. Grate work! Zach.
    I like the background colour.
    I know allot about you and beau now.
    Keep it up.

  4. I agree with Mr M!
    Some very good work has been done there, Zach!
    I'm not very surprised you both like Minecraft!

    Scinccerely, Teva Tait.

  5. Great work Zach! I think it's great how you have found out some same and different things that you and Beau like. I am very pleased that Beau only likes lolly snakes and not the real ones. Keep up the great work.


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