Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Bull Run

click here to see my bull in full screen

This is my bull that I had to draw for my reading activity, I think it looks awesome. It says muscles on the top, fierce eyes near its eyes, foam near its mouth, strength in neck, thuddering hooves and whip-like tail. The story was by Paul Mason.Please comment and enjoy.


  1. Like your art Zach and you have really got some great details on the bull. That Bull you made it really looks very fierce indeed. Keep up the great work Zach!!

  2. Wonderful job, Zach!

    You really have captured the strong language the author used to describe the bull. Your picture is fantastic!

  3. Cool post Zach and your rite that bull is aweesome.

  4. Very cool Zach and looks like a real bull to and good words for the bull

  5. Awesome Zach
    Your bull looks artistic and I like how you have described it's parts too.
    Well done!

    1. Thanks Hemani, I will have some more awesome posts like this so please comment on them :3.

  6. awesome zach
    a great drawing and great nouns for the bull

  7. Great Bill Zach yours Bill looks awesome!


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