Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ordinary school day

Ordinary school day

As I get up from an ordinary day in my ordinary bed I get dressed in my ordinary bedroom and have my ordinary pee. I go into my ordinary kitchen and have my ordinary type of cereal, weet bix. Then I make my ordinary lunch a sandwich, chips, biscuits, an apple and crackers. Next I brush my ordinary teeth in my mum's ordinary bathroom.Last  of all I get my ordinary bag and pack all my ordinary things I have for school and get in the extraordinary car and let my ordinary mum drive her extraordinary car.

I get to my ordinary school and I walk to my extraordinary class and put my ordinary bag onto a hook and take my extraordinary net book inside and greet my extraordinary teacher and then I get on my ordinary computer and check my ordinary gmail and go on the ordinary Go Animate and collect my Go Points and get off my ordinary computer and by the time I walk outside Liam is there as his ordinary self and I look what he does on his computer and I think he does the same thing as me when I get to school. Then the ordinary bell rings.

We (room 16) get on our computers and do blog comments on each others blog then we go to the ordinary mat and Mr Moriarty calls out the roll and then Elijah,Josh,Hannah and I go to maths in the ordinary resource room and do math. Then we come back to our extraordinary class and have brain food. Then we do writing then it’s morning tea and I will usually play with Tyrone and then we come inside and sometimes carry on with our writing or do reading. Then it’s time for lunch and get my ordinary lunchbox and eat out of it then the ordinary bell rings and I go and get changed into my ordinary togs and go for a swim in the ordinary school pool. Sometimes in the ordinary school pool it seems like we have had barely any time in there. Then like 5 minutes later the ordinary bell rings. We run inside our extraordinary classroom and we get onto writing or independent. I normally do my ordinary writing and write about half or 3 quarters of my writing i'm doing.

Then it is pack up time and by the time that happens I get a bit hungry and the ordinary bell rings for home time and that’s my ordinary school day.

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