Saturday, 18 May 2013

Interview of term one

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Reflection script

Tyrone: What was your favorite thing you did this term Zach?

Zach: My favorite thing I did this term Tyrone was drawing the legend of Te Mata because first we had to draw the legend and then coloring  it in then dying the background.

Zach: What was your favorite thing you did this term Tyrone?
Tyrone: My favorite thing I did this term was creating my map because I got to make heaps of different places on the map and find a place for Mr Moriarty to hide.

Tyrone: What have you been doing this term at school with room 16 Zach?

Zach: We have been making a mural for the people who died on ANZAC day, we made a challenge tree, coat of arms shield and we had a swimming sports day and other stuff.

Zach: Tyrone,  do you think that the whole class did a good job on their face art?

Tyrone: Yes but I don’t think that they did a good job, I think they did a fantastic job!

Tyrone: What do you think of me , Zach?

Zach: I think that Tyrone is a great drawer & he’s very nice to people &  he’s a fantastic friend of mine.

Zach: What do you think of me, Tyrone?

Tyrone:Well I think that you are a good friend and you play with me at morning tea time & lunch.

Zach: We are definitely looking forward to next term a Tyrone.
Tyrone: We sure are!
Tyrone & Zach: So see ya next time!


  1. This is fantastic, Zach and Tyrone! The enthusiasm in your voices and the work and thought you put into your script makes me very proud of you both.

  2. Thats great Zach,

    You did some great work in term 1, and there will be more good work to come from you this term of you because you allways do good work at school! :-)


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