Monday, 13 May 2013

Rock climbing

Rock climbing

When our class (room 16) walked into Karamu High Schools gym I thought it was gigantic. Mr Ross told us to sit in a circle in the middle of the gym and he said for all of us to move back 2 giant steps back. We walked around the circle and oftenly he said to pair up with anybody. Then with one senior & 2 kids then 2 seniors & 3 kids & 2 seniors and we told each other who was who. We talked about ourselves & learnt if they sports and what is there age and stuff like that. So Pitta and Shay showed us how to put on the safety harness and we have to tighten everything first and then do the 3 Cs which you have to pull the buckle up towards the sky and push the strap that you pull at the start threw the buckle and do that for all 3 straps thats why its called the 3 Cs and you’re good to go.

So we learnt all the things that you have to do so the person on the wall doesn’t fall one is called the smiley which I learnt and the next one which was the most important was called the push pull and everyone learnt it.

It was time to climb the wall. Well Sams time to climb the wall he started off swiftly, then slowed down, a bit, then he got stuck at this point where its really hard to reach the rocks so he didn’t pass it.

It was Cameron's turn he started like Sam and he just made it past the spot Sam got stuck but only about a meter more.

Then it was my turn. I started fine and I approached the ditch. I was lucky, I passed it, it was still hard to climb, I see why Cameron struggled now. I got a bit of encouragement from my team so I climbed to the top! I got to go down like a ninja, it felt Awesome. I got to the floor and sat down where everybody else was and we handshaked our buddies & left the gym.     

Rock climbing


  1. Wow Zach!
    Thats great you made it to the top.
    Well Done Keep it up


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