Friday, 14 June 2013



‘Wow this rock is incredible.’ I shout out loud. Its overhanging us. Mr.M got a photo of the class and most parents lifting the rock (we are just pretending). ‘I want to see more caves like this.’ I say to Dylan. ‘Me too’ Dylan replies. We enter the first cave. It’s like a bunker for the  people in the past. we crouch down and crawl through the tunnel. ‘That was cool.’ I say to Elijah.

After a hour it starts to get good. There's a commando tunnel approaching. I get down on my knees and legs. Its a tight squeeze. But I made it. The last cave is like an actual cave. It is the most biggest cave of all. It had plenty of wetas. There's the exit. I can see it. Wow it's dark I'm stepping out of the cave and Mr.M says
'If you want to do the rope challenge stand behind me and if you want to go back to camp stand behind Mrs.Hill. I chose to go back to camp.

I hope you like my moment in time story of Onepoto caves.       


  1. I like your caving prezi. Keep the work up!!!

  2. Wow what wonderful work.
    I like how you presented a prezi because it something someone else hasn't done.
    Well Done


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