Friday, 14 June 2013


Today is masterchef. I’m so nervous,am I going to fail or going to win? The Lightning Bolts are ready to rumble. ‘Go!’ The judge said. We started preparing the brunch (breakfast) we are making pancakes with lots of peaches surrounding the pancakes. So we started making the mixture and I started grating some chocolate to put on the top of the pancakes.
This is the Lightning bolts.

My group ran outside and picked a  poured the mix onto the frying pan. It was perfect, nice and good it was definitely going to be the judges. We did some more pancakes and ate them and then Mr.M came along and said ‘you aren't supposed to eat them now.’ I realised that we probably need to eat them when we're finished making the dish for the judges. So we finished the dish and waited for the time to run out. waiting,waiting,waiting. Do do do. ‘And stop!’ chef Italiano shouts to us.
These are the judges Mrs America and Chef Italiano. 

They come around each table and inspect the pancakes. Then they finally came to our table and they tasted ours and they thought it was nice but it wasn't that perfect I think.

I hope you enjoyed reading my recount of day 2.

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