Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Birthday on camp

My B-Day

It’s my birthday today. I awaken at 7:15 am and shuffle inside my sleeping bag into the dining room. ‘Morning’ Mrs.H says to me. I walk towards the couch and sat down and when I’m sitting down, Elijah enters the room with his sleeping bag over his body.

I snatch the Ipod. I’m on a game called Mathmateer,it’s about rockets and maths. I created a new rocket. I call it The Green Hornet. Everything is going to be green. I grab a green body put green boosters on. I take off into the galaxy with my rocket, and fall back down. I give the Ipod to Elijah and Mrs.H shouts ‘If you want any hot chocolate, come get it now’. I grab a cup and Mrs.H pours some into my cup. Suddenly, most people come out of the dorms. I drink and drink. Finished. New record. 1 minute and 23 seconds.

It's me!
Later in the day, room 16 has dinner. I have 10 chicken drumsticks,2 broccoli and 1 potato. Yum yum gimme. I skoff the chicken down and followed by the rest. ‘I got a full tanker’ I laugh to Josh. Finally, my marvelous cake has came! I sit on the couch with Liam next to me and they sing, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Zach. Happy birthday to you.
Liam said salami instead of you and Zach. I cracked up laughing. I make a wish and blow out the candles. I think it’s a marble cake. I take the cake to the kitchen bench and place it down carefully. I got lots of cake and a hunk of ice cream. It is wonderful, not marvelous. Bedtime. We get a bedtime story or what I call some kick-ass pieces of paper stuck together in two pieces of colored cardboard. 

I hope you like my piece of writing and here is a tagexdo of my writing it the key words in it.



  1. Awesome Zach!
    Your story sounds great.
    I like the words you have used like Marvelous.
    Well done, Keep it up:-)

  2. Well done Zach I think we had a awesome night when it was your birthday. And I like how you said that you called your rocket Green hornet. Well done!!!

  3. Cool Zach but what is that thing and I like your tagxedo. Cool good work Zach. Well Done!!

  4. Wow Zach it looks like you had fun at camp on your birthday. Did you love your cake? Keep up the good work Zach.


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