Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My camp reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was to try to do everything that was a challenge for me.
I did not achieve this because at the final cave there was a massive puddle at the end of it so my shoes were damp and I barely could move.

Something I was pleased with was how no one whined on the long long walks because some people would get headaches and moan.
I really enjoyed learning about  the local legend because the legend of Waikaremoana is pretty cool.
Something I found hard was getting to sleep because Liam kept talking.
Something that made me think was masterchef because I was wondering how long you cook stuff and how much mix to put in the pancakes.

Favourite Things
Reason Why
1. Kayaking

I haven’t been kayaking for a long time like 2 years.
2.  My cake

It was a marble cake, my favorite.
3. chicken drumsticks

They were nice and tender and perfectly cooked.
4. Kaitawa Fudge

It was nice and chocolaty and moist and I like frozen/cold stuff.
5. Boomer trail

Because I haven’t done a proper boomer trail because at Camp Omatoa we got blindfolded.

These are my favorite photos from camp.

I wish...

Wow, I'm actually going to touch a Kiwi!
Mm mm that looks nice.

I'm in the caves right now.

We are lifting the rock!


  1. Your camp photos look great. It was obviously a fantastic trip.What is a boomer trail? I've never heard of that before?

    1. It's a rope that you follow in the dark and things/people try to scare you.

  2. Cool Zach Cool Camp reflection and awesome photos. How many chicken drumsticks did you eat?

    1. 10. everyone else thought I ate 11 or 10. Only Josh and I know about it because we were sitting next to each other.

  3. Excellent, honest reflection, Zach.

    I like how added extra photos with interesting captions.

    1. Thanks Mr.M

    2. You're welcome, Zach.

      I also love how chicken drumsticks came in at number three!

  4. Great work Zach. You were amazing on camp. Your confidence really grew each day that we were there, so many exciting activities that you may not have done before camp.


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