Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Seagull Report

Seagull Report

I think seagulls are magnificent birds because I learned all about them and they have some pretty cool moves so I think there actually fascinating!


Gulls are highly adaptable feeders that opportunistically take a wide range of prey. The food taken by gulls includes fish and marine and freshwater invertebrates, both alive and already dead, terrestrial arthropods and invertebrates such as insects and earthworms, rodents, eggs, offal, reptiles, amphibians, plant items such as seeds and fruit, human refuse, and even other birds. No Seagull species is a single-prey specialist, and no Seagull species forages using only a single method. They can even peck off live whales flesh one bit a time!

Habitat/Living Place

Seagulls are not common on tropical islands although they are 99% always there in my estimate, found on beaches. Many species breed in coastal colonies. One specie ,the Grey Gull, breeds in the interior of dry deserts far from water. There is considerable variety in the family and species may breed and feed in marine, freshwater or terrestrial habitats.

Seagulls are very very smart and they have some pretty good tricks. The can stamp there feet on the ground to trick earthworms to come to the surface.

Description/What They Look Like
Gulls are usually medium to large birds, usually grey or white, often with black markings on the head or wings. They have harsh wailing or squawking calls, stout, longish bills, and webbed feet.


Seagulls do not have any official natural predators. they do, however, have a variety of ways to protect themselves and their food. Although they do not have one specific predator, there have been instances in which seagulls have been attacked by sharks.

So thats why I think Seagulls are awesome!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Tower Of Hanoi

The Tower Of Hanoi

This is a game that is called The Tower Of Hanoi. The aim of the game is you have 4 (or more) different sizes of rods the biggest one has to go to the other end and the big rods can't go on the small rods. Watch my quick video for an example and I hope you enjoy what I have worked out for maths.
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