Saturday, 31 August 2013

My digital classroom poster

This is my poster. I made it on Comic Life. I a'm so proud of my work and I hope you will comment because I will be so happy

This is my Digital classroom poster I made.

My reading group literacy circle

(My work)

For the past few weeks the Avengers 2 (my group) has been doing a literacy circle. The book we are currently reading is called 'Hatchet'. I think it's interesting because Brian is on a plane to see his father and the pilot has a heart attack and now Brian has to survive in a forest by himself. Here is some of my work as a Summariser. I hope you like my summarising  of the chapter that I have read, enjoy! 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The story of Assassin Zach #3

The story of Assassin Zach

Last time: Assassin Zach got attacked by Elijah man and they are in an epic battle.

Slash, sling, swoosh, the swords clashed together. Hello Assassin Zach said Elijah man. Hello Elijah man I replied. What you got Zach? I got nothing special I just my Ninja Sword! Hey I just remembered I learnt a very very cool move before why aren't I using it? It’s called a trillion stabs. I use my new move! Stab,stab, stab,stab, stab, stab, stab. I finished him off. he's dead. Just dead.

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Epic Ninja Battle by Zach1289 on GoAnimate

Friday, 16 August 2013

The story of Assassin Zach #2

The story of Assassin Zach

Last time: Master Tyrone and Assassin Zach got stormed by city guards from assassinating innocent people and fought. When everyone was finished off, their leader was lying on the ground and we decide to let him live. His name was Elijah man.

‘I’ll do anything for you if you just let me live.’ said Elijah man
We replied ‘Anything?’ ‘Yeah Just if I live.’we said if he doesn’t want to die he had to join us. So he joined our creed. Master Tyrone taught Elijah man in the courtyard while I started hunting. I camped out on a tree branch and placed
down some bait. I waited and waited. ‘Arghhh!’ I yelled. Master Tyrone walked out and said ‘What are you doing?’ I replied “Nothing much really, just hanging out.”

He walked back inside and in the corner of my eye, I saw Elijah man fall out of a tree branch into a bush. ‘Do you want to Assassinate some dudes?’ ‘Sure’ he replied. We run over the bridge suddenly he strikes at me with his Ninja Sword.
to  be  continued ...

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The story of Assassin Zach #1

The story of Assassin Zach

Assassin Zach was born in 1988. When he turned 8, he trained to be an Assassin. His master was Master Tyrone. He was not an Assassin himself, although when he was younger he was. So he taught me. First I learnt to free run it was pretty hard but I got around to it. Then I got my weapons, they are just so boss. The most boss one’s are hidden blades, X-bow and the tomahawk. I started getting assignments to feel what it’s like to get your first blood, after a few assassinations on some guys being suspicious, I kept having this murky and blurry vision. I couldn't see anything at all.

Master Tyrone explained to me why I was getting these visions and he said it’s called ‘Eagle vision’ It allows you to see where people are. Suddenly a force of city guards waltzed inside and started attacking us. I unleashed my rage. The swords slashed and bashed and I pulled out my hidden blades. Kill after kill after kill, I finally finished them off.Me and Tyrone were startled. There was the leader. Lying on the ground, bleeding out.. His name was Elijah man. He couldn't move. We decided to let him live.

To be continued...

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Friday, 9 August 2013

My little dragon

My dragon

I’m watching TV in the lounge when suddenly, is it a plane? Is it a bird, no it’s a dragon?The little dragon hovers over my fingers. He sits down.
‘I’ll call him, Inferno.’  He flew off my fingers and flutters with joy.  I’m pleased that he loves his name. Now I need to find out what he eats.
This is my poster I created on recite.
‘I guess I’ll just give you some steak or lamb for now.’
He follows me to the kitchen and picks some cookies from the jar.  I think he’s saying he hates these and he likes meat. I give him some raw beef. He makes a fiery inferno to cook it. I was amazed! I have my own little instant BBQ. I’m just speechless.

Friday, 2 August 2013

My favourite things in life

This is a presentation of my favorite things in life, enjoy.

Minecraft Challenge #1

Mr.M sent us a link to a Minecraft blog and I did a quest called Water. You have to make an infinite water source. It was easy! I took a screen shot of what I did.

Take from the middle or it messes up the water source. 
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