Friday, 9 August 2013

My little dragon

My dragon

I’m watching TV in the lounge when suddenly, is it a plane? Is it a bird, no it’s a dragon?The little dragon hovers over my fingers. He sits down.
‘I’ll call him, Inferno.’  He flew off my fingers and flutters with joy.  I’m pleased that he loves his name. Now I need to find out what he eats.
This is my poster I created on recite.
‘I guess I’ll just give you some steak or lamb for now.’
He follows me to the kitchen and picks some cookies from the jar.  I think he’s saying he hates these and he likes meat. I give him some raw beef. He makes a fiery inferno to cook it. I was amazed! I have my own little instant BBQ. I’m just speechless.


  1. Good work Zach that is amazing I like the writing.
    Your a star keep it up I like how it burnt the raw beef.

  2. Awesome work Zach.
    Great writing.
    I like your dragons name, Inferno.
    Keep up the great work.
    Well done.


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