Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The story of Assassin Zach #1

The story of Assassin Zach

Assassin Zach was born in 1988. When he turned 8, he trained to be an Assassin. His master was Master Tyrone. He was not an Assassin himself, although when he was younger he was. So he taught me. First I learnt to free run it was pretty hard but I got around to it. Then I got my weapons, they are just so boss. The most boss one’s are hidden blades, X-bow and the tomahawk. I started getting assignments to feel what it’s like to get your first blood, after a few assassinations on some guys being suspicious, I kept having this murky and blurry vision. I couldn't see anything at all.

Master Tyrone explained to me why I was getting these visions and he said it’s called ‘Eagle vision’ It allows you to see where people are. Suddenly a force of city guards waltzed inside and started attacking us. I unleashed my rage. The swords slashed and bashed and I pulled out my hidden blades. Kill after kill after kill, I finally finished them off.Me and Tyrone were startled. There was the leader. Lying on the ground, bleeding out.. His name was Elijah man. He couldn't move. We decided to let him live.

To be continued...

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  1. Awesome Zach. Great story. That Elijah Man Character is the bomb.

  2. Great story Zach. It's funny how most of the names in the credits are you, who were those guards that attacked you and Tyrone? But great story Zach.

  3. Great post Zach. That's a great story.Keep it up!

  4. LMAO,
    Great Story Zach And A LoL Picture You Made
    Good Job :)


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