Friday, 16 August 2013

The story of Assassin Zach #2

The story of Assassin Zach

Last time: Master Tyrone and Assassin Zach got stormed by city guards from assassinating innocent people and fought. When everyone was finished off, their leader was lying on the ground and we decide to let him live. His name was Elijah man.

‘I’ll do anything for you if you just let me live.’ said Elijah man
We replied ‘Anything?’ ‘Yeah Just if I live.’we said if he doesn’t want to die he had to join us. So he joined our creed. Master Tyrone taught Elijah man in the courtyard while I started hunting. I camped out on a tree branch and placed
down some bait. I waited and waited. ‘Arghhh!’ I yelled. Master Tyrone walked out and said ‘What are you doing?’ I replied “Nothing much really, just hanging out.”

He walked back inside and in the corner of my eye, I saw Elijah man fall out of a tree branch into a bush. ‘Do you want to Assassinate some dudes?’ ‘Sure’ he replied. We run over the bridge suddenly he strikes at me with his Ninja Sword.
to  be  continued ...

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  1. Cool Zach!
    That story sounds pretty awesome,
    did Elijah man have a ninja assassin suit on?
    When Elijah Man heard you say assassinate some dudes did he think he meant you too because your a dude?
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes he did think that and he did have a ninja suit on.
      Thanks alot Tyrone!

  2. Great story Zach. I'm looking forward to part 3. Keep up the awesome work Zach :-).


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