Monday, 2 September 2013

Indian Animal Report

The Bobcat


Bobcats are just so cool. They look like a tiger, leopard and a cougar  combined together. Have a read of my report to see what I mean.  


The Bobcat (Felis Rufus) is a normal sized member of the cat family. Bobcats range in length from 45 to 80 cm, about 60 Cm high and weighs about 20 to 45 KG’s. The fur is reddish-brown above and whitish below and black spots throughout it’s coat. Bobcats live up to 10 to 12 years in the wilderness/wild.

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Food habits

Bobcats prey are little animals like rabbits (thats its favourite), but they also feed on rats, mice, moles and squirrels because they are easy to kill.


Mating often occurs in February or March and they are born after 62 days. Males do not help caring or anything for the baby. At the time the babys learn how to hunt and what prey the most like.

How do they communicate?

Bobcats mark there territory with scent to warn other Bobcats to stay out. Like all cats, Bobcats have awesome hearing and vision to see and howl to one another.


If you read my report thanks, and if you agree with me that they are cool (they are cool) please say that in the comments.



  1. The bobcat is cool. Great report.

    1. Thanks Elijah I think the Bobcat is awesome too.

  2. Awesome work Zach. The Bobcat a little funny from the chin.Keep it up Zach!

  3. Awesome report Zach, I think they are really cool too! I've now learnt so much about bobcats now, you created an amazing report, keep it up Zach.

  4. Wow Zack!
    Amazing animal report
    You seem to know heaps about Bob cats now
    keep it up!!!

  5. Cool Zach!
    That's an awesome post about the Bobcat,
    it's pretty amazing how bobcats can mark their territory with their scent to warn other bobcats to stay out of it's home.
    Keep up the cool work!

  6. Wow Zach that's such a good report. I like how you said that they feed on Mice, Rats and Moles and Squirrels that part was cool. Well done keep up the good work!!


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