Friday, 27 September 2013

The Story of Assassin Zach #4

The story of Assassin Zach

Last time: Elijah man got KIA while fighting Assassin Zach.

Now: ‘What have you done!’ said Master Tyrone. ‘Umm’ I replied. I’m not impressed with...’ Ahhh! I yelled. Elijah man Stuck his sword right through his back. What I don’t understand how are you still alive Elijah?’My logics I pushed them to the side for a second, if a man gets stabbed 87 times he can just get back up. 47 years later... ‘Captain Dylan, Get over here!’ I yelled ‘I need help destroying these Claw units. ‘I’m calling down thunder, stay back’ said Dylan. BOOM! ‘We have a man down!’ said someone. Move in! ‘Ambush’ said Dylan. They have a camo suit I noticed and I stabbed someone and stripped them from there suit and put it on me. ‘Dylan, get this door open!’ I walk in the room and and it’s, MCDONALDS! I see dylan ordering already and he wants fries without salt, he comes 5 minutes later and says where are the salt sashes? Then he orders an ice cream and he tastes it and says ‘ it’s cold’. Then he wants a burger. The cash register person says which one? He says ‘Yes that's the one’. Suddenly ‘TANK INCOMING!’ Dylan says.

To be continued

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  1. Great work Zach!
    I like how your drawing,
    keep up the good work!

  2. This so funny, I like the part when you walk into McDonalds and find Dylan ordering something. Keep up the stories Zach, I can't wait for what you're going to do next.

  3. Awesome Zach
    I still don't know how he is still alive after been stabbed in the back!!
    Well done

  4. Great story Zach! It funny when you walfed in a saw Dylan ordering fries without salt.
    I really want to read the next part.

  5. Awesome work Zach!
    I like the the Drawing of the Claw Witt.
    Keep it up Zach!


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