Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Athletics Day

Athletics day
By Zach

We arrived at the sports park. Ready to run 500 miles and 500 more. The first event the year 5 boys had to do was the 200M sprint. The only people I knew in the race was Ben. ‘Ready, Set, go!’ Mr Cottrell yells. I headed full speed down the track. I looked beside me and there was Ben! We battled and Battled for 2nd to last, fortunately he ran on a rock so he slowed down and I got 2nd to last!

The next event was long jump. I love long jump. There was a massive line and I was near the middle. ‘My turn, yes!’ I take a really big run-up and jump! I got a 2 for that event.

Then the 50M hurdles was up next. I sucked at it. Well I didn’t knock over any hurdles but I was bad at it. Then It was Morning Tea/ Lunch time. I had my chips and sandvich. Then the next event was 100M sprint.

I got into the Semi-finals  but lost it so because I was facing all the fast kids but I came 5th. So I got a 2 for the event.

Next was Softball through. I only got one through because other people were taking the balls but I threw the ball and got 2 points for the event.

The final event was the High jump. I got over the bar the first time but Mr Ford said that I should go over to the other matt. I didn’t get a mark for the event.

I score over all was 9 so I did good but not great. But I tried my best.

Reflection for Athletics
Something I was pleased with was how far I got in long jump because I not that great at jumping but I am now!

I really enjoyed learning how to do high jump because it is actually quite fun.

Something I found hard was the 800M run because I thought I wouldn’t lose my breath but I did.
Something that made me think was how I would jump on the long jump because I would have to think which tactic is the best.
Something I want to get better at is jumping higher on the high jump.



  1. Great work Zach!
    I like how you put in a recount and a reflection,
    I also like the picture.
    Great work on coming second in the 200 meter sprint.
    Keep up the great work Zach!

    1. Thanks Tyrone. I actually came 2nd to last

  2. Wow awesome job Zach. I like that you put a drawning.I like that you did all of the activerty.
    Well done Zach.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice writing Zach. What I thought was funny was that how you spelled sandwich.
    It's also cool how you added a drawing at the bottom, was that drawing about you racing Ben.

    1. The 'Sanvich' idea is from Team fortress 2. Teva and I know about it.

  4. Great story Zach, it was funny how you spelled sandwich. I like how you put a drawing at the bottom (is that you in the blue?). Great work Zach.

  5. Wow Zach, Great reflection.
    Its cool how you enjoyed yourself.
    Great picture that you drew.
    Well done Zach Great Job .
    Keep up the awesome work.


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