Friday, 21 March 2014

Moment of PRIDE: Digi Leader badge

My Digi Leader Badge

On Thursday morning everyone was thinking about there presentation would be enough to get a badge. I was thinking about mine too.  The next day it was Friday morning. It was assembly first thing in the morning. Our class went into the hall after the roll. I was shaking with nerves. I spent almost a whole week correcting my spelling mistakes. I hope they are all right. Miss Hill starts the assembly normally with a song. Throughout the song I was thinking about my digi badge. The moment the song stopped, it was time for the badges to be handed out.

The new Digi leaders are Elijah Casson, Tyrone Harmer, Zach Bibby! I was so excited that I actually got it the role.

That day when I was walking home, my sister checked in my bag and pulled out my letter that contains my badges. My sister opened it and there was no badges inside of it. I think my sister dropped them when she was opening the letter. When I got home my mum arrive from work. I showed her the letter and she said
‘Where are your badges?”
‘I don’t know. I said

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  1. I hope you found your badges! Congratulations, Zach! You are going to be a wonderful Digi Leader.


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