Friday, 11 April 2014

conquering my fears #1

conquering my fears

‘Your turn!’ Dylan chantes at me. I gear up in my safety harness and connect it to the rope. here I go. Alex is belaying me. We are doing the hardest one. I’m looking for a rock and I  reach for it. The first few rocks are hard for me because I have to push myself off the ground.

I climb and climb until I stopp at the hard part. I lift my right foot up and my left hand up. I passed it! I'm so proud of myself because  I couldn't climb that high last year.
I yell out “ I want to go down.”
I flew down like flappy bird flapping to get a new high score. I flop on the floor.

I'm so disappointed in myself because I didn’t reach the top. At least I tried.

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