Thursday, 18 September 2014

Why Tigers Have There Stripes

A long long time ago tigers didn't have stripes. Did you know that? Im going to tell you how they got them.

In Africa, There were all kinds of animals. There was one kind of specie called ‘Tigers’. They were the brothers of lions. They basically act the same and look the same. But one day, 2 Tigers hated each other and declared a fight. They decided for it to be the next day. 24 Hours later... They meet in the ultimate battle arena. Everyone was there. Even The King. ‘Fight!’ The King declared. They brutally scratched each other and roared fiercely. They fought and fought and fought and fought until they got sleepy. 1 of them died from exhaustion so the other Tiger won. When the Tiger woke up he was cheered by everyone. The King gave him a toast to him and that he can get anything he wants. One day he was grooming himself when he felt a pain all over him. There was Stripes all over him! they were actually scars but they turned dark black like it was apart of him. All the other Tigers that were born to him had stripes and the population grew so fast that no one saw tigers without there stripes because all of them died.

Thats why Tigers have Stripes.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Optimist yachting summary

Before going yachting, you gotta check your boat. you have to cheek the 3 buoyancy tanks. you have to screw them tight so you don't capsize. Sometimes the weather can change really fast. Even the best sailors can capsize in extreme weather.
Sometimes you need to move around in the boat to stop the wind from moving you side to side.

There is no brakes on a yacht. To stop, you need to steer right into the wind and you can slow right down, if you want to accelerate you need to tack, tacking is going in zig-zags into the wind.
Pandora Pond can be really busy sometimes, Sometimes people crash into each other. So be aware of your surrounding objects.
Don't go past the boids because sometimes you will hit a sandbar and be beached. If you are in doubt just call out.
If you follow these rules above you will have fun and be safe.

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